Get A Tune-Up



All Pro Mechanical Recommends an Annual Tune Up On HVAC Equipment to Save Money on Utility Bills and Reduce Break Downs. Here’s Why!

Filter Changes

Change filters once a month to prevent blower failure and freezing coils.

Coil Cleans

A dirty condenser coil will cause the compressor and fan motor to over-heat and fail. A dirty evaporator coil will cause the coil to freeze and stop cooling and ultimately damaging the fan and compressor if left unchecked.

Pressure Checks

Air conditioning systems are designed to run at predetermined pressures. If the pressure is too low, the system works longer and harder to cool your home. If the pressure is too high, then the compressor can over-heat and fail.

Electrical Connections

Air Conditioning & Heating Systems run off electricity to run motorized parts. Electrical motors create heat and vibration. Eventually these conditions cause wiring to fail with their parts. Caught in time, electrical failures can make the difference of having a down system in the heat of summer and running system year round.